About Gatekeepers India

Gatekeepers India is an initaitve of NIMHANS Center for Wellbeing, in collaboration with the White Swan Foundation

Gatekeepers India is an initiative of NIMHANS Centre for Well Being, in collaboration with the White Swan Foundation. This is a yearlong initiative being launched on the 10th of September 2014, which is the World Suicide Prevention Day. This initiative aims at joining hands with everyone in the community to work together towards suicide prevention.  This website will be continuously updated with new material, in the form of write-ups by experts, ideas, stories of individuals who have found ways to cope with adversities as well as action plans for public participation.

We believe that community engagement and empowerment holds the key to tackle the rising rates of suicides. This initiative is geared towards providing knowledge and skills that can help any individual to act as a gatekeeper and prevent suicide by helping a distressed person see new possibilities.  We also believe that breaking barriers to reaching out to different sources of support in times of distress can go a long way towards the cause of suicide prevention. A small step that YOU take can make a big difference!

You can write to us at connect@gatekeepersindia.org