Gatekeepers program @ NIMHANS

NIMHANS recently conducted a gatekeepers training program at the NIMHANS Centre for Well-being (NCWB). The purpose was to train people to be able to detect signs of suicidal tendencies in people around them, and how then to reach out and talk to such person. Here are some of the views from people who attended the workshop.

Subodh Srivastava

I am glad to get a mail from you and to know that a comprehensive database is being gathered to take a small step forward.
My introduction: I am a Family Court Counselor in Madras High Court, besides being a Student Counselor and a Psychotherapist on-call to select NGOs, corporate organizations and educational Institutions.
As a gatekeeper and as a psychologist, I come across several cases who require timely intervention and counseling to get back to the main stream. I suggest more activities should be done with our youth population to sensitize them on good mental health and on QRP module. I would be happy to involve myself in any new endeavors planned at your end. Wishing you success!

Deepak Sukwal

It has been a very enriching experience for me. I was able to put the learning to practice and have been able to help a couple of people in serious distress. It brings a sense of equanimity and immense joy to see people getting over the phase which could have led to a life threatening situation.

Ranjita Chandran

I am a lay counselor. I handled many clients having suicidal thoughts and also those who had attempted suicide or self inflicted injuries before taking counseling help. Eventually, many of them were able to cope up with their situations and moved forward in their lives.
The gatekeeper training by NIMHANS has given me a well structured model which I effectively use for identifying suicide warning signs, assessing risk & intent, connecting & contracting, providing appropriate crisis plan and referral support whenever required. I am able to convey effectively the message to students at all levels that suicide can be prevented.

Meenakshi R

The training gave me a structure to work with the clients who are at risk of suicide. As I am a trained family counselor working with an organization I get the opportunity to meet people who are highly depressed. So far I have handled many who have attempted  suicide but failed and also who had the idea. But after the training it gave me a direction to work with the clients and also whenever I get the opportunity to address adolescent students it helped me to interact with them personally on one to one basis and help them to come out of it. Especially some of the acronyms used In the training is helping very much to explain to them to identify and help their friends. It’s really a very good module to work with clients to come out off their blues.


First I thank the NIMHANS Centre for Well-being, who arranged a useful workshop on gatekeeper training. As a psychology student it is a very useful workshop and personally I learned about preliminary assessment of person with suicidal ideation, and as a gatekeeper, what my role is to prevent suicide. As a responsible citizen of India suicide prevention is one of our duties and we can change Indian statistics.
I got lot of information from your workshop. I heard some issues from my locality about suicide, I tried to change their feelings according to my knowledge and I learned how to manage the people with suicidal ideation, I will try to do my level best to prevent suicide and to spread suicide awareness in my college, village and hostel.

Dr Rema M K

Gatekeeper training made me confident in recognizing the symptoms and warning signs of suicide. It is important to allow the clients to talk about their thoughts. The most important thing I learned was to ask them if they have any thought of suicide and what are the thoughts they are having every day and what is the intensity of their feeling and bring the person back to reality and give them hope. As a result of the training I am able to help students to get an orientation about handling people with suicidal ideation and value their life. I am applying the techniques in my counseling session by identifying the warning signs and openly talking about client’s thoughts of suicide. Helping the clients to identify their positivity and bringing them back to hope. Also, bring a ray of smile in to their heart and hence to their face.

Sunder K M

I sincerely feel that I could with confidence, provide a safety net for the people especially youth in crisis and also refer appropriately in time.
If at all I have saved anyone so far, from taking an extreme step, it is because of the NIMHANS gatekeepers training workshop.

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